Behind the Brand

Divine Flambeau LLC is a black-owned online spiritual boutique brand specializing in crystal infused candles, journals, spiritual baths, and much more. Founded in December 2018 by Damaya Roberts, Divine Flambeau is the manifestation of her passion of spirituality, self-care, and womanhood.  


Divine Flambeau LLC., began in the kitchen of her apartment in Downtown Dallas. Working in stressful corporate America influenced her journey of self-care and spirituality. She found peace in meditation, journaling, and candles. Family and friends started inquiring about some of her candles she was making, giving her the idea to start her own candle company. It took time and research to officially launch, but in January 2020 Divine Flambeau made it's first sale.


Divine Flambeau, has reached small milestones with over 400+ orders and multiple 5 star reviews from our amazing customers. The amazing scents and beautiful crystals of each candle instantly enhances your space while creating a sense of higher vibration and frequency. Since January, Divine Flambeau has released guided journals, affirmation and crystal pens, spiritual baths, and much more. We don't know what's next for Divine Flambeau, but we are excited about the journey.